System specifications:


# using pip
pip install virtualenvwrapper-win
# using easy_install
easy_install virtualenvwrapper-win
# from source
git clone git://
cd virtualenvwrapper-win
python install # or pip install .

Useful commands:

# create a virtual env…

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A few words regarding ‘this’:

A function’s this keyword behaves a little differently in JavaScript compared to other languages. It also has some differences between strict mode and non-strict mode. …

This articles shares my basic understanding of inheritance. It briefly touches the following sections:


As per wiki, inheritance in object-oriented programming is the mechanism of basing an object or class upon another object (prototype-based inheritance) or class (class-based inheritance), retaining similar implementation.

A story of installing Pixel Experience with the things that should be avoided and some useful links that may help.

Image from Flickr

This post contains my story, actually of the small decisions (which you should avoid) I made when I planned to install custom ROM on my phone which made my SIM cards not being recognised and what helped me get out of this state.


I am not to be held responsible…

Anand Suthar

Full Stack Developer trying to understand JavaScript and Python better

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